Harley quinn meets deadpool

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Straight out of the bag of fairly unusual ships, there's Harley Quinn Harley quinn meets deadpool Deadpoolor as fans like to call them -- Harleypool. It comes as no surprise that this pairing has reined in a massive following, comprising intense fan artcreative cosplays, and some very imaginative fanfiction pieces. What particularly clicks about these two with fans is that they are practically each other's equivalents in their respective universes.

On the other hand, many fans speculate that these two would just not work. So, let's address the pros and cons of these two possibly ending up together. Here are five reasons that they are the IT couple and five that they just don't belong together. When it comes to anti-heroes, nobody fits the bill better than Harley Quinn and Deadpool. Although Harley has indulged in destructive criminal behavior under the influence of the Joker, her independent comics feature her being far away from that life.

While she's no hero, she's certainly not our villain. The same goes for Deadpool, the hero of all anti-heroes. Even if he occasionally kills for fun, he isn't a purely evil soul. There's a lot more to these two than meets the eye. With similar reputations, there's no doubt that these two would have a lot to talk about if they ever meet crossover, please!

While crazy can sometimes be regarded as 'cute' or 'quirky', it is nowhere near the same case with these two. Both of them have a thirst for violence and wrecking stuff up, which might sound relatable to some. But, there's more -- Deadpool has not one, not two, but three voices inside his head at all times, often engaging in humorous chatter together.

Two of those voices belong to Dr. Bong and MadCap. Imagine all that going inside your head and still managing to remain sane he doesn't. Well, Harley is a curious case of 'Psychiatrist turned psycho' who talks to her stuffed beaver, Bernie. There has to be one sane person in a relationship to keep the ship afloat. Harley Quinn identifies as bisexual while Deadpool, pansexual.

Harley has shown interest in both the Joker and her friend, Poison Ivy Harley quinn meets deadpool, while Deadpool doesn't really see genders when it comes to partners. You could practically see sparks flying with them attending the pride parade together. So, let's put this thing in reverse gear for a moment and address the obvious elephant in the room.

The bad girl Harley you see before you today is purely the Joker's creation. She is a serious case of Stockholm syndrome. Even though they both have seemingly moved on she picked a new 'Poison' while he found a new 'Punchline'it's highly probable that they're just going to find each other again.

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So, would she still have a place in her heart for Deadpool if the Joker decided to come back? More importantly, would Deadpool fancy being called puddin'?

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Much like most of the Marvel and DC characters, these two have suffered through their fair share of family trauma. Harley had a father who couldn't care less about her, to the extent that he once traded her for 6 packs of beer. He was so desperate to get rid of her that he left her in an orphanage.

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But Harley managed to rise through adversity and get her Ph. On the other hand, there isn't much known about Deadpool's childhood. There are several sketchy variations. Not to mention, Wade's recollection of his childhood just might be as good as yours. But he does remember that his father abandoned him and his mother, turning her into a hopeless drunk. So, they both have daddy issues to work through, maybe they can help each other out?

How do you get DC and Marvel characters to pair up? Crossovers have happened before but this feels like the odds are completely stacked against them. With the ongoing Marvel and DC rivalry, it's really hard to pair the two up without sparking controversy. On the other hand, with such high odds, it kind of feels like the ideal 'forbidden love' situation, ultimately leading fans to ship them even harder.

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They're like the modern-day Romeo and Juliet -- if the latter were sadomasochistic and kind of cuckoo. Well, it's not entirely roses and daisies with Romeo and Juliet either since their story did technically end in a tragic double-suicide because they couldn't be together otherwise. Both Harleen and Wade are considered to be highly unpredictable when it comes to a fight. Much the same can be said about their personalities in general. And this wouldn't be in a fun, exciting kind of way; it would be more on the toxic side.

So, their relationship would likely end up being too chaotic. Having the same sense of humor is a rarity these days, especially if that sense of humor entails moments such as executing someone while maintaining a firm grin and laughing at similar gory moments.

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Speaking of humor, Deadpool is known for occasionally breaking the fourth wall and tends to address the audience in a comedic manner. Harley did not start doing that until recently.

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Again, very similar. But more importantly, does this imply that they know about each other as well? Given all of these similarities, these two would make much better friends. With a couple, it is necessary to have dissimilarities in order to get a strong dynamic going.

Complementary personalities, to an extent, are necessary for maintaining the thrill in a relationship. Being too similar might hinder these two from trying new things. By Izza Tipu Published Jul 02, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists harley quinn deadpool.

Harley quinn meets deadpool

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