Guys pants fall off

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The best and most common way to keep your pants up is to wear a belt or belt alternative like the ones listed in this article. When this is the case, wearing suspenders or a suspenders alternative, like the ones listed in this article, will be your next best bet.

Suspenders or a suspenders alternative, such as PantsProp or Hikers, are the best ways to keep your pants from falling down if you have a big belly. See below for more information and links. If you prefer not to wear a belt, you can keep your pants up a of ways including: having your pants tailored to fit you more precisely, wear suspenders or suspender alternatives, wear an elastic belt, buy pants with an elastic waistband, or try solutions like the ones outlined in this article below.

Thankfully, there are several solutions below that can help. PantsProp patent pending is a super cool silicone grip deed to prop up your pants, and keep them from falling down past your hips. You attach it to the bottom of your shirt just below your belt line, one on each side, and it creates a slight ridge for the waistline of your pants to sit on. Use in conjunction with your favorite belt. Free shipping to USA residents. Where to buy: pantsprop. PantsPal utilizes a threaded screw-type attachment, vs the ring attachment Guys pants fall off PantsProp. PantsPal may be released sometime in the future, but for now the initial launch product is PantsProp.

Deed to be worn under your untucked shirt, Hikers suspenders alternative has a completely unique de. One simple attachment point at the front button hole of your pants, and one at the back. As an added bonus, Hikers will never pop off your pants like most suspenders, thanks to their innovative fastening method. Made in USA. Where to buy: hikersco. This is more of a belt alternative, however, may actually work better than using a belt.

Most belts have holes, and as such, they can either fit too loose or too tight. You attach BeltBro to the belt loops of your pants, on each side, then tighten to your exact preference. Where to buy: beltbro. NoSaggs is a belt with an integrated ridge in the back, worn on the outside of your tucked shirt or undershirt. Once the ridge sits right underneath your belt, it will help your pants stay up.

The belt will also help keep your shirt tucked. Where to buy: Amazon. PantsUp is a solution that is comprised of silicone-like cubes that Guys pants fall off toward the bottom of your undershirt or shirt, on either side, in proximity to your hipbone. Once attached, it creates a ridge that sits right below your belt line. The backside of the clip goes on the inside of your undershirt. The front side of the clip fastens from the outside, with the undershirt in between. The front of the Belt Boss has U-shaped hooks that are deed to be placed under the front of your belt. Deed to keep the front of your shirt tucked, assists with keeping the sides of your shirt tucked, and looks like it would also help keep your pants from falling down.

Made by the folks at HoldUp Suspender Company, these hidden suspenders are made from a super comfortable material similar to what thick ace bandages are made from.

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Invisible suspender that will hold your pants and shirt in place during any normal activity. Also acts as a shirt stay and invisible belt. Similar to NoSaggs, once you attach Magnetuck to your shirt, it creates a bit of a ridge that your pants can sit on top of. You may want to keep that idea in mind as an alternative to buying a specific product to keep your pants up, like I mentioned earlier.

Subs are waist suspenders deed to keep your baggy pants up. The trend is referred to as sagging, and any one donning this urban fashion trend is wearing saggers or baggy pants.

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Where to buy: hatchventures. Please see my Belt Alternatives article for more products that can be used in place of or in conjunction with a belt. This idea, courtesy of an inventor who conceptualized an undershirt with channel integrated toward the bottom of the undershirt. Some links on this provide me a commission at no additional cost to you.

See my affiliate disclosures for more info. Which of these are available now? Which are the best? Could 2 devices be used at once? Thank you and bless you! This has been my waterloo and bugaboo most of my adult life. They fall below and then I have this accumulation of fabric at the zipper. I buy 42 inch pants and then they are so baggy in the legs and butt.

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So I put on a belt and tighten as tight as I have to to hold them up but through the day it seems to not work. I saw my doctor and told him of my back pins and hips hurting down my leg. He laughed and said ditch the belt and get some suspenders.

Problem for me is I always have to wear two shirts. And as for everyone that says have them altered. Ever tried to alter every single pair of shorts and pants you own? Not cheap. And makes you never wanna buy a new pair. They need to make some fake butt cheeks. Women are for the most part are built like a bowling pin and men are buildt link a funnel. Take a good look your pants, the mfg have for some reason increased the diameter of the pants right when the pants should be getting smaller????? My idea is less materal under the belt and add a chunk of elastic above the back pockes form right side of the back pocket to the left side of the left pocket….

Remember the old kakky pants with the little buckel on the back humm maybe the had something there!!! Hip hugger, low rider etc call it what you want made for the right people thats fine. How about over the hips and under the belly cut for the other third of the men etc. HiHas anyone tried the stuff you can put on baby footed pajamas to keep them from falling? Seems like it might help with both problems and if you tuck your shirt in or not. My problem is more my ass and legs are too big, so whenever I take a step the tightness in the legs pulls down the back, so I end up with a ton of fabric in the front and very little in the back.

I can basically roll down the front and with a belt looks like a potato sack. Wish they made jeans for guys with big legs. Closest thing I can find is boot cut jeans and wear them low. Would like to get Guys pants fall off wait list, but it demands that I into my microsoft. Screw Microsoft. Stephanie, Ken, lgs, Laura, Casey — thanks for stopping by! Will let you know when either PantsPal or PantsProp are available for purchase :.

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Appreciate the links but would love to know when the pants pal or pants prop becomes available. Work with folks with disabilities and pants falling down is a constant issue. Belts and suspenders not always an option for them. I am desperate to find a solution to my pants not staying up. No matter how tight I make my belt they still come down. I would be interested in this product. The only other option is buy button-down ones hard to find and sew buttons on a dozen pants. Belts are too uncomfortable after kidney transplant. Would love to try your product. Tired of being a pant tugger.

Desperate to try anything that might help! Bless your heart Neil. Have you found anything to hold pants up? My husband has the same challenge and no matter what we have tried, it does not work for more than 5 steps. Please let me know when pants prop and pants pal are available. Please let me know when Pantspal and Pantsprop are available.

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Would be interested in the beta testing also. Interested in PantPro and Pant Pals, please notify me when available. Could you send the link to be a beta tester. Thank you. Can I get the link for both products to be a tester please? This issue has been something big for me the last few years. Tried everything! Phillip Smith [ protected].

I have an apple shape and a. Belt will not work I wear suspenders everyday and they starting to hurt my shoulders. I too suffer from the flat butt syndrome. Thanks Mom and Dad. Have to keep belt as tight as possible to keep pants up.

Tug, I personally do not have this challenge, lol. However some of the men my world could use some help. Let me now when PantsPal or PantsUp come to market please. They are not plumbers so they should not be sporting the look! I am also interested in more information about, and in knowing when both PantsPal and PantsProp are available for purchase. I am interested in more information about, and in knowing when both PantsPal and PantsProp are available for purchase. I would like to be Guys pants fall off when the PantsPal and PantProp are available, please.

Thank you so much for the article! Publishing these recommendations is a life-saver. I need pants-falling-down help now, please tell me when these products are available. Please [ protected] when available. I would like to be notified when the PantsPal and pantprop are available. Please and thank you so much for the article!

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I just wanted to say thank you for this article. There was very little information on this topic when I needed it badly. Anyway, using this article as a start of my research I created a great solution, and have a patent pending on it.

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LOL Have a great week! Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Any suggestions or recommendations? How do you keep your pants from falling down? How to keep them up?

Guys pants fall off

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