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Great Great fairies wind waker are powerful fairies that appear in The Legend of Zelda series. After completing a specific quest or reaching a certain area, a Great Fairy can grant Link with a reward such as extended health, magic or upgraded items. Their appearances and personalities vary drastically, but starting with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeGreat Fairies have often been depicted with a quirky, playful demeanor.

Three of them have a specific role; one is found behind the waterfall near Zora's Lakeone is on an island in the middle of Lake Hyliaand another is found behind a wall outside the Pyramid. The Great Fairies enhance certain items thrown into the Mysterious Pond situated in their respective rooms, or after throwing in Rupees. The last Great Fairy is found in the Pyramid of Power. She is obese, and explains that this is a side-effect of Ganon's magic. Link can return here at any time to switch the tunic he currently wears.

Each type of Great Fairy has a different hair color and differently shaped eyebrows. Every Great Fairy has their two roles combined from earlier appearances, as they first grant Link a special ability and then heal him and restore his magic power if subsequently visited. The Great Fairy of Courage is found near Ganon's Castleand she grants Link enhanced defense, which reduces his damage by half and, on the game's interface, a white lining is added around the hearts.

All four types of Great Fairies return from the game, retaining their appearance, although there is only one Great Fairy of Magic instead of three. The game introduces another Great Fairy, who is named the Great Fairy of Kindness, who has yellow hair. The dark power of Majora's Mask caused all of them to split into Stray Fairieswhich Link must collect to recover them. Link only needs one Stray Fairy to restore her, unlike the other Great Fairies. The Great Fairy of Magic is the only Great Fairy whom Link is required to restore in order to progress, as she rewards him with the ability to use the Magic Meter.

The other four Great Fairies can be restored by collecting fifteen Stray Fairies from each of the temples. Like their appearances, Great Fairies appear in select locations, but in Holodrum and Labrynna respectively. If Link is wounded, the Great Fariy restores his health. Veran traveled into the past to turn her into an Octorokso Link has to find Fairy Powder to cure her, allowing the Great Fairy to cleanse the poisoned sea. At first, Great Fairies appear as ordinary fairies, but whenever Link talks to a Great Fairy, she transforms into her true form.

The Great Fairies appear in four different colors — pink, blue, green, and purple — each consisting of two members, except purple, which consists of only one Great Fairy. Their type of reward to Link also depends on their color. Both of the pink Great Fairies reward Link with a Wallet upgrade. One of them is found in the Forest of Fairies of Outset Island. The entrance to her fountain is blocked by a large boulder, which Link must destroy by using a Bomb so that he can enter. The wallet that Link receives from the pink Great Fairy allows him to carry up to 1, rupees.

A post found outside the pink Great Fairy's Fairy Fountains states that she was present during the time Great fairies wind waker the "legendary hero" presumably the Hero of Time. Anyone who met with the Great Fairy received great fortune, so her place came to be known as the Fountain of the Fortune Goddess. The second pink fairy is found on Northern Fairy Islandand her reward to Link is a wallet that can carry up to 5, rupees.

Each island's Great Fairy Fountain is only accessible if Link uses a Bomb to blow up a obstacle in his path: a plank and a rock respectively. Both of the green Great Fairies reward Link with a Quiver upgrade. In the Western Fairy Island, in order to reach the Great Fairy, Link must hit a switch to put out a fire blocking the entrance. This allows him to enter inside and obtain a Quiver that allows him to carry up to 60 Arrows. By defeating the monster, Link frees the purple Great Fairy, who thanks him by doubling his Magic Meter.

Her skin is color-shifting, and she has no irises or pupils. She is shown holding a doll that resembles the other Great Fairies. Figurines of the Great Fairies Great fairies wind waker Queen of Fairies can only be acquired by purchasing their pictographs from Lenzo on Windfall Island. This is because they only appear in cutscenes, and therefore their pictures cannot be taken otherwise.

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Their descriptions in the Nintendo Gallery state that they were born on the Angular Isles, the strange man-made islands in the south seas. The Great Butterfly Fairy resides within a tree in the northwestern corner of the Minish Woodsbut can only be accessed from the western portion of the Eastern Hills by using the Cane of Pacci. Her fountain can be accessed only if Link has completed the correct Kinstone fusion. She gives him the Big Walletallowing him to take up to rupees with him.

She presents Link with the Big Bomb Bagallowing him to carry 40 bombs. Her gift to Link is the Large Quiver, which allows him to carry more arrows. Each of the three Great Fairies have their own figurine. Additionally, for every ten floors that Link completes, the Great Fairy releases normal fairies to each of the Spirit's Springs located across Hyrule.

This is the first three-dimensional The Legend of Zelda title in which the Great Fairy does not upgrade any of Link's items or attributes. In Hyrule Warriors and its reissues, in certain Great fairies wind waker of Legend Modethe Great Fairy can summoned from a Fairy Fountain at certain points to aid the forces of Hyrule via the Magic Circle that appears in each the fountain. Once the magic circle is used a cutscene is triggered where the Great Fairy uses her power to assist the allied forces. She has her fairy subordinates take some bombs provided by Link and a Goron Captain, then use their combined fairy magic to transform the Bombs into a single Giant Bomb which they then drop on Cia's Army, forcing Wizzro to summon King Dodongo.

Once she is summoned, the Great Fairy has her fairy subordinates create a rain cloud which puts out the fire, saving the Great Deku Tree.

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The Great Fairy summons another Magic Circle to restrain Argorok, but it also fails, causing the Great Fairy to use one of the magic chains generated by her Magic Circle to pull the Moon down on Argorok who is then weakened after being hit by the Moon's nose. After the Twilight dragon is weaken the Moon is revealed to be made up of the Great Fairy's subordinates indicating it wasn't the real Moon.

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The Great Fairy has her fairies dangle a giant Pumpkin from a Fishing Rod causing Levias to jump from under the clouds and eat it, empowering the deity who attacks Volga with a powerful lightning attack weakening him. First she has Zelda set up a base inside her fountain, then has the allied forces of Hyrule lure Volga and two of his subordinates near the fountain. If the player manages to successfully lure the dark forces then use the Magic Circle, the Great Fairy will have her subordinates create a giant Hylian Bird Seal in the sky unleashing a cascade of light energy on the Dark Forces, killing a good portion of his underlings and injuring Volga.

Outside of Legend Mode, the Great Fairy appears is one of Link's weapons under his Great Fairy moveset, in which the player can control the Great Fairy while she carries Link around in a Bottlethus protecting him out of harm's way.

Though a powerful weapon, the Great Fairy's power is offset by her running speed. Despite being able to fly, Link is capable of running much faster than her. This is likely due to her size and the fact that Great Fairies hardly ever leave their fountains. This makes her ineffective in scenarios that require haste on the player's part, such as timed scenarios or moving around in large battlefields quickly.

Despite this weakness, she has an interesting variety of combo attacks, such as playing a brief game of Dead Man's Volley with Link letting him out of the bottle damaging nearby enemies, dropping giant bombs, summoning a fairy fountain and rain, borrowing Link's Knight's Sword to attack enemies with slash Great fairies wind wakeror summoning Levias to unleash a deluge of lightning. During her Special Attack she even summons the Moon to crush enemies and during her Focus Spirit attack she blows a kiss which transforms into several multicolored fairies.

Tingle is under the delusion that he is the reincarnation of a Great Fairy.

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Her 8-bit weapon is the " 8-bit Fairy. This effects all levels of this weapon type. They can be unlocked by completing the Akkala Tower scenario. They are barely garbed, covered only in leaves and vines, have long, colorful hair tied back into flowing sections, and thickly-applied vibrant color eyeshadow. In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerGreat Fairies are large, floating, four-armed women with dark skin, no pupils, and gowns that spiral at the tip.

She wears only a small cloth tied around her waist, and her breasts are barely covered by the lengths of her hair.

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The Great Fairy is most commonly seen as a sparkling cloud of green mist and smoke, which is shown at the Spirit Springs and in the Cave of Ordeals whenever Link does not talk to her. Not to be confused with Fairy Queen. It has been requested that this section be rewritten. This section is a stub. You can help Triforce Wiki by expanding it. Meta : Articles needing images Rewrite and expansion requested Rewrite requested Section stubs Content from Zeldapedia. Community Community portal Discord server.

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Great fairies wind waker

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