Giant couples stories

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How do you feel about that? Some low points, sure, but also new records Giant couples stories broken all the time. Dedicated writers return to the arena in these contests, and new writers take up their pen and the fray. Some writers seek to challenge themselves, and others simply want the motivation and company to support them in creating something.

Think of that: some writers are producing four new stories every year, just as readers with specific tastes are gifted with a couple dozen stories sooner or later. This contest saw several new qualities emerge: Giant couples stories introduction of tags and trigger warnings.

One reader requested these and, once implemented, several other readers expressed gratitude for this addition. Others found a way to bring a story into being within this stricture. Many writing contests are dedicated to crafting that perfect first line or identifying the worst. What makes a great writing style? This is a subjective category, speaking largely to the tastes of the readers. Along with the smashing first line and the writing tone that carries you along, an important component to a story that keeps a reader interested are developed, intriguing characters they can care about.

The writer who can create real people has a special gift, indeed. When the above components combine, they create something greater than the sum of their parts, as the tired old saying goes. There are few joys like reading a story and learning about the existence of a writer who operates on your frequency, who naturally creates elements that meet your tastes. Upon this discovery, any reader would want to dive into the rest of their work, to prolong that magical experience.

Because of the diversity of stories and the varied readership, this is an easy one to divide evenly. This is a tricky category, but an important one to many of us in the Size Fantasy scene. It is a truth universally acknowledged that most of us are into Size Fantasy for powerful orgasms.

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Competition for this is understandably fierce. Size Fantasy provides great latitude for all sorts of storytelling elements, new spins on old tropes.

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Sexy stories can become sexier, funny stories can become funnier, and there is plenty of room for terror, horror, and tension in these imbalanced displays of power. You take a bunch of exaggeratedly enormous people or ridiculously undersized people and throw them into the normal world, and hilarity must naturally ensue. Who managed this the best? This is where a writer can choose to push themself.

Overall, the Size Riot contests ask strong, established writers to try something new, to not rely on their strengths. And just as Gentle writers compete in the Cruel contest, and vice-versa, this category invites writers to step outside of their comfort zone and break into unfamiliar or even daunting venues.

A writer can choose to create the funniest or sexiest story rather than live up to the popular opinion of what Big Couples must necessarily entail. On the other hand, the theme was stated and readers felt that these stories most faithfully embodied its spirit.

Thank you to all the writers who submitted Giant couples stories fantastic stories! Thank you also to the readers, who plowed through and hopefully savored almost 30 stories, then consulted your notes to weigh your favorites in several ! Thank you particularly for your lavish feedback, highly valued by the writers. However, thanks to two very thoughtful readers, every story has at least one comment, and that itself is a new record.

Note: The heavy use of ellipses denotes that some reader feedback is extensive. The response has been truncated here, but the complete version will be ed to the writer. The giantesses have a good physicality and the world is reacting to them. My final comment is that in a story Giant couples stories short having a point of view character like scott who died before halfway through was a bit odd, especially considering that since the story was from his perspective, his death in a single line was a bit of an odd choice.

Overall though I enjoyed the story and I hope that you continue writing! General Feedback: I wanted more characterization and context—who is Scott, besides a terrified Californian? Who are Kate and Karla? If it had been a week since they began their trek across the country, why did Scott know nothing about them? Excellent description, and great title. Immediately Hooked: Excellent descriptive passages relating to size and action, great job of making the characters feel distinct, the scenario was unique, the story was dramatic, and it managed to be very erotic as well.

Immediately Hooked: That first paragraph has crazy good punch to it. Quick, sets the scene and cute. The end is a clever tie-in too. Immediately Hooked: The key conflicts were established in the first few sentences quickly and with economy, but the tone of the narration kept it from being overbearing. Immediately Hooked: A wonderfully confusing opener that only piqued my interest further as I read on. Engaging Style: I liked the sense of peril carried through the story. It kept the tension high while the characters interacted.

Engaging Style: The characters were rich and they exploded off the. Engaging Style: This story felt thoroughly professional, full of vivid imagery and an intriguing premise.

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But i felt drawn into the story, wanting to go in, and indeed it paid off in a story that i ended up really interested in. I wanted to see how to growth magic worked in that world and who was allowed to use it. Novel Interpretation: The size-changing ability of the characters was something they wanted to hide but had to use because of the Giant couples stories in the story. The flood itself was an unexpected metaphor. Characters: As I was reading, I was really worried about the characters.

Characters: I was really invested into the short character development of Sara, Eric, and Yvonne. I wanted to know more about their backstories, how they met, and more about the world they lived in. I would love to see this short story to become a series.

Characters: Their plight was emotional, and the story dealt with more than just sexuality, while managing to be erotic as well — perhaps more so thanks to the excellent presentation of the characters. Characters: They were formed out of caring, they had their own concerns and agendas, and they all struggled to take care of each other. Good for Outsiders: It was decidedly sexy, but not fetish fuel, AND that sexiness was in service to the larger lol story around it. Most Tense: Again—vivid imagery and lovely writing that built the world and its moments of peril.

Fulfilled the Theme: Hard to name one aspect. For me it was the whole package: writing that brought me somewhere new. A very surprising twist to bring sexiness into it. And the element of imminent danger, which I always love. Fulfilled the Theme: The theme was completely open to interpretation, so doubtless there will be many different ideas of what was best. I arbitrarily decided that GC needed to be a man and a woman of gigantic size specifically interacting with one or more tinies implying some Giant couples stories of communication.

The reason for that is because if its comparative rarity in the available selection of online stories. This story hit all those check boxes for me, and it was a fun read. Fulfilled the Theme: When entering this contest, I was looking for stories that told… well… a story. When reading this story, I had the feeling of wanting more, disappointed when the story had to end.

It challenged what defined as a couple the relationship between Eric and Yvonne since Eric already had a wife.

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Immediately Hooked: How it slowly develops its world, from a mysterious beginning to the big climax, along with the big-tiny dynamics. Novel Interpretation: A key party is a very funny, clever and interesting setting for a couples size story.

Rereadable: This was a masterful performance Giant couples stories mixed size situations, with great, subtle humor, enough room for imperfections and conflict, and rich, indulgent erotic adventure. Good for Outsiders: Extra Sprinkles has very relatable, well crafted characters, and a somewhat familiar setting. Besides the whole key party aspect, for anyone who might be into power play for instance, that feeling and moment of being immediately in control or at the whim of another person I think would have a wide-reaching appeal and excitement. Most Arousing: Very sexy narrative with an interesting dominant character with well written multi sized sex.

Most Arousing: I massively enjoyed your combination of size and swinging, while your writing overall helped make it a very erotic experience! The genital rodeo toward the end, featuring a spent little man, is an all-time classic. It was funny watching her as a tiny take charge of the giant couple and her tiny boyfriend.

Most Humorous: I found the dialogue to be cute and funny. Something about the whole situation had an awkward air to it. I definitely found myself laughing the most while reading this story. Most Humorous: I laughed out loud at the madness. The characters felt genuine rather than the perfection of fantasy. This was important, on top of the great writing. Fulfilled the Theme: The giant couples as swingers with tinies was just outright fun. Novel Interpretation: The notion of a giant and a tiny making a complete person was a nice touch.

Novel Interpretation: It plays with the three-way relationship in a very respectful matter when the secret is revealed. And I like how the normal-tiny dynamic works with the musician and his front man. Just friendship. What cool guys, and very comfortable with their sexualities. What a ridiculous premise in a good way! I appreciated the pacing, the story, the character building, and the humor. I wish there were more characterization from Roxy, it was a sensual story and my chief complaint is that I wish there were more of it. To turn that into a genuinely romantic and sexy plot twist was a stroke of brilliance.

This one did it in a realistic fashion. Good for Outsiders: Most of the other stories are too carnal in content or just too psychologically horny for casual consumption. Characters: The characters really gave the feeling that they had a shared history between them. Lots of cool hints were dropped at the kind of world they live in, and their interactions kept me hooked the whole time. Easily my favorite characters in this lineup. Most Arousing: This had such a strong balance of description and action that it really Giant couples stories how hot it was for me.

Mixing a really hot sex scene with interesting characters interacting in fun ways just… it really did it for me. Lots of big choices and that still work together in the end. It was a good, unwholesome, furry divinity romp in a field that was in surprisingly short supply of truly giant romps. This and plenty of the stories here can prove otherwise and in a friendly matter. Characters: The tiny really cared for the house and its occupants, and the premise of the tiny being bonded to the house was sweet.

And the normal-sized couple cared for each other and the tiny, wanting to share with her.

Giant couples stories

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