Gay guys touch vaginas

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Some would argue that there is some educational value to these endeavours. The makers of this video, Bria and Chrissycertainly seem to think so themselves, commenting:. What are your thoughts?

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The attempt to depict these videos as some kind of contribution to the anti-misogyny debate is nonsensical. A gay man squealing in horror at the sight of a vagina will in no way push forward progressive debate.

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This crass venture serves only to perpetuate these regressive opinions. It reflects an unhealthy preoccupation with body parts so often the subject of misogyny and transphobia. Having witnessed many incidences of unsolicited intimate touching of women and trans people by gay men, I can testify to the existence of misogyny in gay culture. It promotes the idea that breasts and vaginas are objects of curiosity, of novelty, to be dehumanised and detached from the human being for sport. The pantomime misogyny in the disgust expressed at the sight of a vagina or the mere prospect of contact with a breast may seem amusing.

However, it only serves to rationalise misogyny prevalent among cisgender gay men. This reductive attitude towards genitalia is also transphobic. Meanwhile, those for whom the objectification of the human body is a painful reminder of an all too personal struggle will wince, sigh and cry. thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies.

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Gay guys touch vaginas

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Watch how gay men reacted when they touched the ‘lady parts’ for the first time!