First time squirting stories

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This is my first time posting on here. I thought it would be fun to share some of my stories with my boyfriend and I thought that someone else might enjoy them too! Sorry if this a long story but hopefully it is worth it. I have long dark brown hair, huge thighs and ass with smaller boobs, and a relatively small waist. My boyfriend is absolutely a 10! He works out regularly so he has a great body with broad shoulders and thick arms.

When we first got together we had talked about what we like in bed and what we have done before, all the normal chit chat. I love being tied up, told what to do, and roughed up. He had brought up if I had ever squirted before and I told him no. So instantly he sets out to be the first guy to make me squirt and this is the story of how he got me to squirt. I had to work the night shift at work again this week.

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The night shift at my work is the slowest shift and when I get bored I like to think about sex to keep myself entertained and awake. I actually read this subreddit a lot!! So the past four nights of me working the night shift had led to quit a bit of sexual buildup.

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We finally had a day off together so we were laying in bed watching TV and I was already groping and touching all over him about 10 minutes into the show. I slid my hand down his pants and could feel he was already rock hard. I grabbed his balls and gave him a little tug and ran my hand back up his shaft. He let out a soft moan, which I absolutely love when he is vocal and get to hear his enjoyment. I went in to start kissing him again but he decided he was done with kissing so he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my head down to his crouch to suck him. I happily hopped between his First time squirting stories and began licking around his head for a minute before putting my lips completely around him and taking almost all of him in my mouth.

He let me lick and suck on him for a bit then decided that I needed a little help. He put his hand on the back of my head again and pushed my head down until I took every bit of him I could take in my throat and mouth. He pushed me up and down a couple times before I started coughing.

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He let up for a second for me to catch my breath before he started to face fuck me. I absolutely love it when he puts his hands on my head and pulls my hair while he just goes to town in my mouth and he knows this. He tells me to take my underwear off. I gasp and go back down and take him in my mouth. He grabs my head and starts to face fuck me again. How does he expect me to get my underwear off at the same time! He lets up a little so I start to go at my own pace and I manage to get my underwear off. He reaches down and grabs my boob and starts to pinch and play with my nipple.

I sit up and take off my shirt to give him better access to my boobs. He tells me to bring my ass up to him because he is lying flat on his back on the bed. I swing my ass around to him and wave my ass in the air while on all fours. He starts to rub my clit with his fingers and I continue to suck him.

He is building me up and knows that he has me where he wants me. He takes his other hand and puts it on the back of my head and shoves his cock deep in my throat and at the same time he shoves his fingers into me. I could hear his deep moan and that just sends me further over the edge. He continues to finger me while I suck him for a bit. He yanks me off his dick by my hair and tells me to lay down. He straddles me and puts his dick in my face while he grabs my wrist and pulls it First time squirting stories the corner of the bed and I know what he has planned for me.

We have ties on each corner of our bed that will tie my wrists and feet to the corners so I am spread wide for him to use me however he pleases. As hes tying my wrists to the corners of the bed I lick his dick every time it passes by my face. He gets my wrists tied to the bed and lifts my head up and starts to thrust in and out of my mouth. He keeps going deep until my eyes start to water and I am coughing.

He starts to very lightly lick my clit teasing me. He finally starts to give me what I want and licks from my opening all the way up to my clit tasting me. Then presses his tongue against my clit and starts to flick First time squirting stories tongue.

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He grabs my hips because I am bucking all over the place. He goes back to licking me and starts to stick his tongue in me and going back and forth between entering me and licking my clit. He is about to make me cum again. He releases my hips and sticks his fingers me while he is licking and sucking on my clit. That does it for me and I begin to cum on his face screaming and squirming. Once I start to come down from my orgasm he comes up and kisses me.

I love when he kisses me after going down on me. I think it is one of the hottest things when I can taste myself on him. He brings his hips down to mine and slowly puts his head in me. I am going crazy at this point and am trying to bring my hips up to meet him so he will shove deep into me.

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He is kissing and biting my neck while he is teasing me with just his head. He pulls back and shoves all of him deep into me while he bites my neck hard and I scream. It feels so amazing after all the teasing! I am still tied up and he is on top of me pounding into me. He reaches down and unties my right foot and grabs my ankle and holds my leg up in the air while my other leg is still tied up. He then unties my left First time squirting stories and tells me to touch myself. I reach down and start to rub my clit and am loving how wet I am.

He is thrusting into me so hard and deep and it feels amazing. I know I am about to cum so hard. He props my foot up on his shoulder to free up his hands and he leans down and puts his hand around my throat and begins to squeeze. So he leans down and starts to choke me with one hand and with the other hand he is pinching and twisting my nipple all the while he is pounding into me and I am rubbing my clit.

I can hear him moaning too being louder than he ever has and all this sends me over the edge and I have the best orgasm I have ever had. Right as I am cumming he pulls out and I could feel juices going everywhere all over my arm and legs but I think he is just cumming on me but it dawns on me that his load would be no where near as big to make me this soaked. I looked down and he has cum on me but he is also soaking wet. He loved that I squirted all over the both of us. Source: reddit. post. Next post.

First time squirting stories

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