Feral heart animations

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I also work for an impressive title server, miskai! Please do not edit or copy my animations in any shape or form.

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YES fh related. What if somebody was working on Big Cat animations before you had started? It's not exactly an original idea, lmao. They should still be able to continue what they were doing.

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I was working on some dinosaur animations when the prehistoric creature preset contest had been announced. I scroll and see the usual canine and felineā€¦ but then I saw that, that person had not too long ago, posted an update with dinosaur animation, looking almost exactly and moving exactly like mine. Then they proceed to say things against sounding edgy.

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Ironic enough? I have made some damn good friends in that game over the years.

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If you feel that way, why give it your attention in the first place? I had to get this outta my system. And how I am still friends outside the game with them.

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I would talk to friends, role play and it was my escape from reality. A preset in return for some art. The character belongs to IsharaHeart on DA. We looked inside some of the posts by semi-illit and here's what we found interesting.

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Feral heart animations

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What kind of game is feral heart?