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You keep hurting yourself and I am NOT gonna let that slide! Besides, it might get infected and lead to more problems. You can sit out of the game just for 15 minutes can't you? And it's just a practice match, don't get too worked up over Female hinata shouyou. If it makes you less anxious darling, I won't protest. And I won't get too ahead of myself either.

When he was done you thanked your living Female hinata shouyou and was ready to head off into the match but a hand stopped you from leaving. Are you okay?? Your legs are so bruised!! It's nothing major, I get these all the times whenever I practice. Don't go back in the court yet. I'll go get some ice for you, in the mean time sit tight and wait for me to get back. Female hinata shouyou sighed at your precious little red head who was overreacting. You were in the practice match but the only difference is that here are more bruises especially on your arms.

After he got a scolding from both Daichi and Coach Ukai He treated your bruises as he lectured you for not listening to him, frowning as you laughed at his expression. Be more careful next time, you're really pretty but bruises doesn't fit your aesthetic. Angel, are ya okay?? You got hit in the face and there was a serious bruise near your left eye.

Don't worry, I'll get fixed in a split and be okay! You're comin' with me, whether ya want to or not. He didn't seem like the type to be very caring about these situations but he was worried sick to the point you sat on his lap as he healed you, embarrassingly sweet in your perspective. You quietly laughed as he got a lecture from the coach and got bonked on the head by Kita when they were clearly not allowed to interfere within matches.

You noticed his 'Omi Alarm' went off just from the glance you took at the figure now sprinting in your direction. Do you need bandaids? Can you get up? Are you hurt anywhere else? Does it hurt to talk? Do you think you can let me take care of that bad scar?? It was just a small little scar that looked like a papercut but he was so concerned about it that it made you glad he cared.

And to answer all your questions at once, I'm perfectly okay and there's nothing out of the ordinary that's making me feel pain that le it to an uncomfortable state. He did NOT let you get off that easily and still insist to disinfect it. On the plus side, you got a pastel yellow bandaid with cats on your chin that makes your outfit look cute since it went with the vibe. Daichi was only interested in the survival aspect of Minecraft, he also liked to order you around which always made you laugh as it showed his investment in the game which he barely even liked to begin with.

Daichi did make sure you were always okay, running to your aid whenever you were in distress when a herd of mobs chases after you. You could certainly survive on your own in minecraft, however things were much better with Daichi. Or hitting an endermen just to fight it with a wooden sword. With Asahi you take the reins, as he is always jumpy and worried about the mobs and bad things that can happen when you play. Ever since Asahi accidentally burnt your house down, he was extra cautious, super cautious of messing up again.

However, Asahi was good at building, real rustic looking, camping cabin, wooden lodge looking buildings. So, he was good for something. Nishinoya, has caused tons of viruses, crashes and nearly explosions on your laptops from all the mods he downlo for you and him.

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He is always got TNT in his hand he is basically a creeper. Always making floor plate traps with TNT or lava underneath your builds. He always either breaks his bed or forgets to place one so when he dies, hes back at spawn and you have to travel FAR to bring him back to your base.

Tanaka will kill everything. However he will either accompany on mining trips so he can kill any mobs you find on your trip or so he can collect better ores to make his swords better. Kageyama is not bad at minecraft but he isnt good either. Whenever you play or start a new world together you always gave him the simple task of collecting wood, flowers, killing animals for resources and tending to t he house.

He was the perfect minecraft house husband. You had fun messing with him sometimes, for example: when he finds Female hinata shouyou telling him to mine it with a wooden pickaxe, or just secretly going into creative and adding shit to the houses and things he made.

He dies a lot, always making silly mistakes noob mistakes which made you laughed. You did always protect him though and he was interested in learning new things from you since to him you were a minecraft Female hinata shouyou. Hinata loved playing any sort of pvp mini game or server that is what he was good at. His skills, elevated your builds all the time as he would make you atoumatic: stairs, doors, traps, swimming pools ect.

But overall, Tsukishima was good at minecraft but focused mainly on just learning new redstone contraptions he could make. Since when you first introduced him to minecraft the first house he built was amazing and you were in awe and slightly jealous of his skills.

Yamagucchi and Tsukishima is a deadly duo when it comes to des. Hinata stared at his phone questioning whether he should message you again. It had been four days since you ran out of his apartment. You had yet to respond to any of his texts. As concerned as he is he knows no good will come from spamming you. Although he wants nothing more than for you too talk to him. He was so confused where you both stood. To take you out on dates try new experiences and make memories with you. He wants to be there with you every step in life and support you no matter what.

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The sound of his alarm snapped him out of his daze. Time to get ready for practice, he groaned pulling himself from the comfort of his bed before heading to the shower to start his day. He shuffled in the bathroom hooking up his phone Female hinata shouyou his Bluetooth speaker starting up with morning playlist beginning his morning routine. He loved jamming in the shower. He turned the water on letting the heat build as he brushed his teeth before climbing into the steaming shower bopping his head to the beat of silhouette by Kana-boon having to refrain himself from attempting to naruto running in the slippery bath.

He stood there for a moment enjoying the heat hitting his back and loosening his muscles. Losing himself in the music as he grabbed his three in one, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. He scrubbed his hair and body screaming the lyrics to the next song. He thought nothing of it figuring it was just Bokuto-San. When the chimes continue his curiosity won out as he peeked out passed the curtain still covered in bubbles to see who was spamming his phone.

His eyes grew wide as he saw your name lighting up his notifications. He rushed for his phone loosing his balance and slamming the shower wall to keep himself from falling on his ass as he scrambled out still dripping and soapy as he stood in bathroom unlocking his phone.

Hinata could see the text bubble at the bottom showing she was typing but he wasted no time pulling up the call button Female hinata shouyou to here your voice. It rang two times before connecting. His heart clinched hearing your soft hello. He could here a sense of nervousness in your tone. There was a beat of silence as you both searched for words. He was really concerned for why you ran off that day. You chuckled at his eagerness. Always just opting to have food delivered and eating in. There is a wide smile spread across his face as leaning against the wall next to him not even upset that his shower water was now starting to run cold.

Everyone could see the difference in the outside hitter today compared to the last few practices.

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He was all over the court making the cleanest receives and his spikes were just so on point.

Female hinata shouyou

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