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But the project matured, and implementing floors seemed like a good idea. Back when the first Fallout games were released, games used to be sold with a small manual. So I realize full well how non-intuitive the gameplay in the two first two Fallout games Fallout equestria demo be.

I figure this is already a huge improvement on the old Fallout game, making it less likely for a non-initiate to just give up the game merely for not understanding the controls… this is nice, but not enough. Then, I wondered whether a gamepad could actually bring a better and easier experience. So I implemented gamepad support. While controlling a cursor with a gamepad is never as fitting as a mouse, having the ability to control the camera through a gamepad is a huge improvement over the mouse. Plus… as controlling the cursor was a bit harder, I thought about a feature to compensate: I would use two of the gamepad directional keys to loop through potential targets.

Well, my computer is getting a bit too hot, and the clock running a bit late, to start capturing a video of a pony throwing dynamite all over, so the second best thing I can do right now is to show you the new inventory interface:. Having a world full of diverse characters really makes a difference.

And using 2D spritesheets makes this goal much more achievable: with a little bit of programming wizardry, the possibilities quickly become endless! On the picture above, you can see part of the process: Fallout equestria demo start with a naked pony, a mane, and a set of clothes.

We apply color filters on the body and mane, merge the layers together, and ta-da! This system will greatly speed up the process of creating NPCs. The sprite displayed above has been made by tinkering over the work of Akumath and ZEkA Check out their Deviantart s over there:. The basics of the engines have been completely implemented, allowing me to start working on the fun stuff.

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What would a dungeon be without traps? Traps are objects that are hidden to the player, until it gets triggered or detected. The first trap I implemented is a landmine. Traps can also be attached to doors or storage objects, but the most simple traps are just laying on the ground, waiting to be triggered by an unwise passerby, or disarmed by a knowledgeable explosive expert.

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Once a trap has been detected, you can either walk around it, or try to disarm it using the Explosives skill. Which is exactly what happened to me while I was recording the video…. Sometimes, the shortest route towards your goal is to blast a hole in a wall. And to achieve that, the player needs to be able to pick up explosives, set the timer on those, and drop them in front of a destructible object.

Playing with explosives is dangerous though. Just like in the old Fallout games, you may fail to properly set up the countdown, resulting in your dynamite not exploding exactly when you expected it to. Or, on a critical failure, you may very well Fallout equestria demo trigger the device in your own hooves, and leave pieces of yourself all over the place. To finish with, the game engine is now ready to start working on the technical demo.

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My plan however, is to provide two different builds: a production release, for those who just want to check out the kind of games we can make with this, and a development release, including the Game Editor and tutorials to learn how to create or mod games. Indeed, the next step is to make a full game. So, why did it end up like this anyway? Lack of 3D assets, lack of a story to tell, technical issues with some of the tools I was using… plus the fact that I grew further and further away Fallout equestria demo the FiM fandom.

In the meantime, Empalu released « Fallout Equestria : Remains », a gorgeous platform game. Now that I look back at it, I still want to bring my contribution to the community. Which is why seven days ago, I decided to give myself a week to see what I could do if I took a completely new look at the project.

So what have I been doing? Well, first, I dropped nearly all the code from the old project. The game is now rendered in 2D with an isometric view, similar to the good old Fallout games. Being able Fallout equestria demo work with a good old tilemap made things so much easier on so many levels. And that was a huge problem before. It comes QML, which is insanely efficient for deing interfaces.

See ya! At first, I was planning on issuing a demo based on the beginning of the game. But with the latest changes made to the engine and game editing tool, making levels has become such a trivial task that I have changed my mind. The demo will actually feature a completely different level. Our very first stable! A bit of fresh air in the wasteland:. Our recently re-vamped character editor! And a wider look at the stable! Two years ago, the Fallout Equestria community was already pretty huge and successful. We had an insane amount of fanfiction, gorgeous drawings everywhere, but no videogames whatsoever.

And this simply looked liked the best thing to do: provide an RPG Maker equivalent to the Fallout Equestria community, along with the first videogame featuring the Equestrian wasteland. The port to Windows was a hard blow… it could very well have killed the project. After the rise of Overmare Studio former Equestria Softworkmaking a Fallout Equestria themed mod for Fallout 3: it looked like our project had a lot less reasons to be at that point, even though two games is always better than one!

But then, Panda3D released a complete package for their next 1. And succeed we will. The game looks good, the gameplay gets richer everyday, and the interfaces are more usable and transparent than ever.

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The Game Editor running on Windows! Turns out the only thing needed for something to compile properly was the code for the future Panda3D 1. Still: everything else works fine and dandy and that sure is great news! EDIT 2 : And with a few other hours, most of the game works as well that is, except for the collider and asset loading issues! This is an accurate depiction of me right now:. Lots and lots of work lately, A lot of love has been directed to the Game Editor.

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It has been quite long since we have last given news… I was actually hoping I could finish a very important step of the development before posting. This specific step is the Windows port of the game and game editor. Currently the game builds. It is impossible to run it in Debug mode for unexplained reasons probably linking issuesso this makes debugging extremely harder. However, the game does run in Release mode… it just crashes at some point, and I assume it is caused, again, by linking issues… all of this is due to the Fallout equestria demo lack of forward compatibility between different MSVC versions.

I always knew that developing on Windows was a much harder task than on any other OS. But I never realized that porting a project so simple as this could take so much time. Considering that working solely on Windows for months would probably have turned me into a crazed furious creep, I had to find other ways to contribute for the project. Most of the changes have been made in order to ease the pain of the game deers: the editing tools have been made much easier to use, and the script developers have a much wider API to play with.

I will finally take a pause, during a month, in September, which will allow me to give more time to the Fallout Equestria RPG project. I hope this will help us work through the two months of Windows porting which forced us to threw our schedule. You know just as much as I do about the current situation of the project! Search Home Development Team Recruitment. Traps What would a dungeon be without traps?

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Which is exactly what happened to me while I was recording the video… Dynamite Sometimes, the shortest route towards your goal is to blast a hole in a wall. Combat Last but not least, good dungeons need critters and minions. Technical rant So what have I been doing? A bit of fresh air in the wasteland: Our recently re-vamped character editor! Oh yes it is. Hang in there! This project is still alive!

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