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Miranda is an angel who appeared to fight the devil possibly Megaria who appeared in the kingdom's country. She has the power to fly and make her butt bigger for more powerful farts. There is no other information known other than her bio as of yet. In Eight Marbles 2X, Miranda is an All Rounder character, being able to attack from near, above and far Eight marbles 2x characters equal distances. Her notable attacks include a ring projectile that pulls the enemy to her on contact, a dive kick that doubles as a command grab, a hovering gas cloud that locks up the Eight marbles 2x characters even when blocking, a anti-air that doubles as a command grab and a command dash that gives her multiple options depending on which direction she goes.

She may be fast and powerful, but she has lower then average health then the cast, has long recovery on most of her moves, none of her specials hit low and she can be very meter dependent to rack up damage. Another thing to note is that all her specials end in a grab of some sort except for Angel Burst, making her combos small since she cant follow up after them.

Her supers are the only way to extend her combos off of her grabs. Miranda seems to fight with serious intentions and does what she must to complete what was ordered of her, she seems to not waste time defeating her enemy. She sometimes looks slightly embarrassed when showing off her ability to enlarge her butt.

Miranda Slides her butt forward with good range. The move hits twice and hearts show when hitting an enemy. This has the most damage out of her normals. Miranda Attacks with both her fists. This attack has good range, but does less damage than her S attack. Miranda quickly kicks her foot outwards. This attack does the same damage as Standing A, but with more horizontal range. Miranda Kicks forward with both legs. This attack has a deceptively long range, and has good power behind it.

Miranda does a quick aerial knee attack. This attack, if done high enough can combo easily into S Air. Miranda tosses a halo shaped projectile at her enemy. If it hits they're pulled to her butt where she then farts 3 times. The halo travels from her lower body upward at a slight angle and does not go full screen. The S version has a longer range. After a short delay, Miranda farts out a lingering gas cloud that hits a maximum of 5 times.

Long startup and short range, but can open up her enemy to more moves if it hits.

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Miranda uppercuts her enemy with her wings. If this move hits she lands on her enemy and farts 3 times on them.

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This move is invincible on startup but can leave her open on block. This move can completely infinite Maiden Astraea when timed perfectly over and over due to the long lasting starting hitbox. Miranda does a fast dash forward. This can be canceled into her air normals or Divine Cannon. This can be done in the air as well. With the A and S versions Miranda does a dive kick at a angle, The D version launches her upward instead. If this attack hits she will land on her enemy and fart on them 3 times similar to Wing Saber on hit. Can be done from Angel Dash as well.

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Leaves her open on block. Miranda turns around and grabs her enemy with her wings. She then farts in them 3 times while the enemy is trapped in them. Unblockable but short range and semi long startup. Cannot be combo'd into. A super version of Divine Cannon. If the dive kick hits Miranda will land on her enemy, enlarge her butt then release a big fart on her enemy.

Does high damage. A super version of Wing Saber. If she hits with this move she uppercuts the enemy a few times then enlarges her butt to let out a powerful fart. Does extreme damage.

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Miranda throws a Angel Ring forward. If it hits she enlarges her butt then releases a big far reaching fart forward at her enemy. Can be comboed off of the grabs from the majority of her other moves. Eight marbles 2X Wikia Explore. Popular s. Recent blog posts Forum. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? History Talk 0. Characters Brave and Stinker. Fan Feed 1 Lilim 2 Colon 3 Megaira.

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