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Look, shit happens, people do what they do, I'm not gonna make judgement on the action itself. But its veeeeeery funny to me that his nickname before this happened was Big Dick Dray. And then this picture came out and that nickname was never mentioned again overnight. That shit must suck, imagine being 6'6 with a 6 inch dick, even if it's slightly above average that shit will look tiny in comparison.

So Draymond never showered after a game or practice as a Warrior? Or those were great teammates to never blow up his spot. I mean shit Jamal Murray got a video of getting his dick sucked and that shit was over in days too. Lmao what? A bunch of millionaires who are the best basketball players talking about a teammates dick pic is pretty funny. Also why is Paul George talking didn't he get cat fished by a dude. Draymond green snapchat reddit me laugh for some reason. Anybody have that video where a young Lebron is in the crowd and he shows a picture of it?

These guys are living the life man. I think this type of stuff gets overlooked a lot; just the camaraderie of the NBA is special and ificant to these guys. Found the internet! Sort by: best. View discussions in 2 other communities. That shit literally dropped overnight lmao. Continue this thread. Trail Blazers.

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PG got catfished by a dude? Did he even say anything in this video? Boogie seems like he would be the most fun teammate. That shit was hilarious pls I hope someone has it. Come again?

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The Ugly Duckling. Paul George bricking that shot tho More posts from the nba community. A subreddit dedicated to NBA news and discussion.

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Draymond green snapchat reddit

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[Draymond Snapchat] KD has a special message for Draymond