Dr alphys and undyne

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However, the events in the true lab imply that only human souls innately feature determination. My theory is that the only way Undyne could have withstood that hit as a monster is if Alphys injected her with determination beforehand. Let alone tell Undyne about it at all. Posted almost 6 years ago edited almost 6 years ago.

Undyne has the same effects in neutral runs where you were a pacifist to that point as well. Against the player in a neutral playthrough Undyne was only up against you as an opponent, not up against you as a threat to all of existence. It may well have been simply that she was even more determined to stop you when all her friends were being killed, and she feared for what would happen should an evil as great as you make it past her.

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From what we understand, Undyne grew up in the care of Asgore being trained by him for her childhood and she already knows Sans pretty well to be able to call him lazy and what not. Speculation says Sans is affiliated to Gaster. The only real problem with my theory is that she turns into dust at the end.

That is not determination.

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This was a very interesting theory, though. What is dad? Your determination prevented a reset from an entity other than you.

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Determination is the will to keep on living. This is why I believe Undyne had natural determination; she was an exception to monsters being unable to contain it — at least for a while. As in the ability to avoid death. This makes so much sense on the wordplay factor. I wrote a thread about this but seemed to have misplaced it….

There are a couple things to note about the experiments with Determination, and I think those might lead to the possibility that Undyne was given some Determination at some point. I think that Gaster may have experimented with Determination in the past, which explains why he would have the blueprints deed in the first place. One of his experiments possibly involved injecting Undyne with an amount of Determination. When he was wiped from existence, while memories and mentions of him were erased from all timelines, his impacts upon the world stayed in place, just without a known source.

Some of his impacts were attributed to others, some simply forgotten about, but the impact always stayed. Is it actually canon Gaster was forgotten about, though? Not just forgotten, but erased almost completely from existence.

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There are those grey Gaster followers that I can quote later that talk about it. Register. Net » forum » Undertale » [Spoilers] Undyne, Alphys and determination?

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Posted almost 6 years ago edited almost 6 years ago Quote Permalink. Posted almost 6 years ago Quote Permalink. Have a badge guide. Goner Kid:. Undyne created her own determination by sheer willpower. She made anime real. Show ature. Disable Smilies. Disable Textile. This topic only. Back to top All rights reserved by Starmen.

Dr alphys and undyne

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Undyne X Dr. Alphys