Domestic discipline maintenance

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I was sitting and thinking last night how when most people think of DD it is directly linked to spanking. I have come to understand that there is an order that goes to my feelings during a spanking. When thinking about alternate punishments I realize that I still feel some of those things but, not all. I wonder why? I am not a big fan of the idea of corner time. Even the thought of it makes me angry. So that brings me to my relationship and alternate punishments that my husband does use.

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So we use weekly maintenance lines. However it is a constant reminder of how our relationship works. If I break a rule Which has happened a few times since he has been gone. They vary in length depending on the rule that was broken. These definitely have an effect on me.

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Usually within a few hours though I am accepting of it and put my best effort into it. By that time I am only seeking his forgiveness and to be free of the guilt I feel for breaking a rule he has only set in place to protect me, our children or our relationship.

So my question to all of you who have followed through all of this rambling is, what alternative punishments are used in your household and what feelings do they give to you? For the most part is involves taking away something I like. For example right now I can not watch TV or movies Domestic discipline maintenance 3 days because I stayed up late watching a movie very late when I was suppose to be catching up on some sleep and resting from being ill.

So they tend to reflect the crime. Is this any consolation to your poor bum or not. My boyfriend David would firmly approve of the way you are disciplined. I have always preferred a spanking as it is over and done with quickly. This goes back to schooldays when the cane was quicker than detentions. As a mature wife I still prefer the quick option but my husband is becoming more and more in favour of restrictive punishments his favourite being no evening television coupled with being grounded and sometimes this means also being sent to bed early.

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Domestic discipline maintenance

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