Does tipping moxxi do anything

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Those who are in love with Moxxi, the owner of the alluring bar from Borderlands 2, are delighted that she is stepping into Borderlands 3. She still runs the bar and she always breaks hearts left and right. Either way, like any good bartender, she has a tip that you can donate if she drinks you enough, or winks at you. When you donate to the tip, you will receive a random pistol after specific amounts.

You'll find Moxxi's Mouthpiece in his bar aboard the Sanctuary ship. You will have to wait until the end of the first part of the game on Pandora to reach this location.

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Even then, you'll have to recheck the entire crew to make sure they're okay, given the shenanigans they have at the start. Once everything is settled, you will go to Moxxi's bar to acquire Eredium on his slot machine. You're probably going to miss the jar, but you can fight him from the right side of his bar.

Whichever you choose, you'll eventually get a weapon from another random loot table. It won't happen immediately, but the process is building up. You will receive these weapons in your mail. Therefore, after giving Moxxi a specific amount, be sure to check your mail inventory. The specific amount to tip Moxxi is divided into 10,15 and sometimes even marks. To ensure you reach that mark, you can give it to her all at once, rather than doing it at random times while on the ship. You're going to want to visit him late in the game to throw those amounts away.

You will want to see her when you reach level 1 or When you are at that level, you will be able to get the maximum benefit from her weapons and freely donate that amount without hurting your game. GamersLance we are a team of geeks who aim to give you all the best Guides about video games guides. Borderlands 3: What do you get for the Moxxi tipping and how much?

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Does tipping moxxi do anything

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Borderlands – How does tipping Moxxi work?