Did hayden panettiere get a boob job

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After all, appearing on the small and big screen is not easy, especially when every feature on your face and body is examined in excruciating detail. Stars have to stay as young and gorgeous as possible, and plastic surgery helps make that happen. Some procedures are less noticeable than others, especially if the enhancement is minimal. Although a young blonde bombshell, Hayden Panettiere is no stranger in Tinsel Town.

Panettiere showed off her toned figure in a small purple bikini over the Easter holiday weekend in Miami Beach, FL. But along with her six pack abs, photographers captured what appeared to be a boob job gone wrong. While it has yet to be confirmed, it appears as though Panettiere had breast augmentation surgery.

If she did get breast implants, the surgery was not very successful. If Hayden opted for breast implants, she chose a more modest implant size, probably one or two sizes larger than her natural cup size. The recent shots of Panettiere reveal a small indentation on her chest, which can also be a that a woman has undergone breast augmentation. While some women are naturally born with a concave chest cavity, the indentation can become much more noticeable after breast enlargement surgery, especially if the implant is placed beneath the pectoral muscle.

The indentation was never seen before, even with prior shots of Hayden in a bathing suit.

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Additionally, the skin on her bust area also appears slightly rippled; another of breast augmentation, most likely to occur if a patient has too little saline in the breast implants or her skin is too thin for silicone breast implants. While we may never get a straightforward answer from Panettiere about her may-or-may-not-be-implants, if she did in fact undergo surgery, given the stretched skin and concave chest, it seems as though the were not optimal. Before surgery even takes place, a plastic surgeon should examine their patient to determine their ideal breast implant options for their frame and skin type and also work with patients to figure out the best and healthiest choice for enhancement.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman works with each patient individually so they know exactly what their options are and what to expect from the surgery. If you have considered breast enhancement surgery in New York, Dr. Grossman will start by assessing the quality of your skin to determine what type of breast implant filling would be best, what your ideal implant size should be, and where the implant should be placed most likely under the pectoral muscle for the best in fit individuals.

For patients who have enough extra fat elsewhere on the body, Dr. Grossman performs Fat Transfer.

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This Organic Breast Augmentation is the least conspicuous option for the stars and common folks alike. By tailoring the surgery to your individual needs, you can expect stunning and natural breast enhancement and fewer complications. After undergoing breast enhancement, a woman should feel beautiful and feminine, not concerned that her surgery went wrong. When working with Dr. Grossman, patients will have to worry less about their .

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You can expect some of the best work from a surgeon who has years of successful breast augmentation experience and who has pioneered several innovative treatments throughout his career. Contact Dr. Leonard Grossman today to determine your ideal breast augmentation options. Next. By Dr. About the Author: Dr. Leonard Grossman. Related Posts. Botox and the Millennial. There are many Breast Augmentation options, which one is right for you?

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Did hayden panettiere get a boob job

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