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It's a bunch if people who make generalizations about the game. Like when someone says "Andrew Wiggins has a lot potential, but Jabari is more ready" I would actually like to know what they mean by that. But if you watch something like SportsCenter it's even worse.

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They usually just hire attractive people that dont really know what their talking about. Attractive, yes. Did she play basketball ever, no. Has she ever given insight to anything about to basketball, no. They just hired a volleyball player who looks good. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. It was so stupid of him to choose to get hurt and have a small penis. We all know about it, and we all see it.

It's obvious.

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Nobody ever wants to admit it, but it's there. The first question to ask: why? Why do you all hate him? The obvious answer: you didn't watch him in his prime. Likely explanation: I know that most of you are around 14 or 15 years old. That means you only got into basketball in the last couple years. So you never Derrick rose penis Mamba in his prime.

And because you didn't watch him in his prime, you try to compensate for that by diving into stat sheets and analyzing box scores. But here's the thing: basketball isn't played on Excel spreheets. The moment somebody brings up "true shooting percentage" or "win shares" I know they know nothing about basketball.

Kobe's game cannot be encapsulated by one stat. He's the second greatest SG ever, and one of the 5 best players to ever play the game. Unlike you guys, I have watched basketball for a ificant amount of time, so I know that Kobe is better.

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You might be jealous of Kobe's five rings, or jealous of his status as the greatest scorer in NBA history, or whatever. Unless you're a Bulls fan who watched basketball in the 90s, or a Lakers fan who watched basketball in the s, you don't know what real, cold-blooded, killer instinct, will-to-win basketball looks like. And there's nothing wrong with that. This sub would make you think that Kobe isn't even a top player ever. So don't go spouting bullshit about players you didn't watch.

Found the internet! Tim Duncan? Posted by 6 years ago.

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Tristan Thompson. Tim Duncan is classy, D Rose is glassy amirite. And Dwight is gassy! Klaaaay lmao. DAE goat penis? Kobe though! People on this subreddit hate Kobe Bryant. What about Scottie's pippen? More posts from the nbacirclejerk community. Created Jan 14, Top posts september 30th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top.

Derrick rose penis

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