Chuck and blair sex scenes

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Becca van Sambeck. To be young again. And to celebrate the show's year anniversary, the creators, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, along with executive producer Joshua Safran sat down with Vulture to talk about the making of show. Most interestingly, they talked about their biggest "Gossip Girl" regrets.

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When discussing his regrets, Safran said, "I only regret things like not showing Chuck finger Blair and the dildos and other sexual stuff. Scenes where women are receiving sexual pleasure are often considered more taboo than scenes where men are receiving sexual pleasure. In fact, the CW even got in trouble for cutting a female masturbation scene from another of its shows, "Reign" — despite the fact that the show featured plenty of other sex scenes.

This all makes the idea of female pleasure seem super graphic and obscene, even though it's completely natural and should be celebrated. And it's disappointing they weren't able to show such a sex-positive scene. Girls should absolutely know that they deserve sexual satisfaction just like men do. Seeing Blair Wardolf get hers is an excellent reminder of what women should expect from their partners. Apparently, the giant dildos were the work of Georgina, which really isn't a shocker. Penn was really shocked. We can all agree that this is a major "Gossip Girl" failing.

If you live in New York, you know that's just blatantly not accurate. Plus, the show missed the chance to present diverse perspectives by only including white characters. That's another missed opportunity right there.

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Plus, in the books, Chuck is most likely bisexual. It's a shame the show wasn't willing to include that aspect with their own take on the character. They essentially straightwashed him. I get not wanting to include the pet monkey he carried around like a confused Bond villain, but the bisexuality should've stayed.

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Becca van Sambeck beccavansam. Sep 19, PM TV. The creators had to cut a verrrry sexy scene of Chuck and Blair because like any great love, TV betrays us sometimes.

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Yikes, get your mind out of the gutter. While Safran didn't elaborate why Standards and Practices wouldn't let them show the scene, it seems a little odd for a show that regularly featured threesomes and other boundary-pushing sex scenes. Oh, and if you were wondering about the giant dildos, Safran DID elaborate on how they were going to use them. But their other big regret was the most disappointing of all — they now wish they had included more gay characters and characters of color.

But even so, we'll always love you, "Gossip Girl.

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Chuck and blair sex scenes

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