Chinese breast touching festival

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The people of this town believe that the restless spirits of their townsmen who died in civil war would claim ten pure and untouched ladies during autumn's "Hungry Ghost Month". To prevent being taken to the underworld, the single ladies of the town would let men touch their breasts during this time. It owes its origin to a local legend that during the Sui Dynasty the town's male teenagers were forcibly recruited into the army and died in the wars. The townspeople carried out prayers to commemorate the dead. According to the Taoist priests, the dead could not rest because they had not touched a woman before dying and wanted " pure and untouched " ladies to accompany them into the hereafter.

To prevent the women of the town from being chosen, single women—aged 15 and above—then asked the men of their village to touch their breasts, and the custom has been passed down for generations in the form of an annual festival in the seventh month of the Chinese calendar.

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During the three-day festival on July [3]men enjoy touching breasts, and women gladly accept their touch as the gesture - called "touching milk" and consider it as good luck for both. More recently, foreigners have begun visiting this town for festivities and are being received warmly by the town.

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Chinese breast touching festival

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Chinese Breast Touching Festival In Yunnan Province – Real or Fake