Charlie sheen sextape

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As the shock subsides over Charlie Sheen's recent self-outing of his HIV status, the scandal-beleaguered Hollywood bad boy may have some more damage control on his hands. Reports claim a gay sex tape has surfaced, allegedly showing Sheen, another man and a crack pipe.

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Gossip website Radar Online claims to have seen a video of Sheen smoking crack and performing oral sex on another man. According to the lawsuit which does not name the plaintiff or the defendantthe two men met in Las Vegas in Apriland Sheen allegedly, "entered into a nefarious plot deed to lure Plaintiff into his luxurious hotel room to serve his prurient desires.

While Sheen's attorneys aren't denying that a sex video may exist, they claim in a statement that it has nothing to do with the above referenced lawsuit which was filed and subsequently dismissed more than five years ago. The statement goes on to claim that although there was video evidence involved in the Las Vegas lawsuit, it didn't portray the events described.

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They are claiming that that particular video was "irretrievably destroyed.

Charlie sheen sextape

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Sex tape scandal: Charlie Sheen caught performing sexual act on male partner