Caught dressing up in womens clothes

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So one of my girl cousins was having a huge sleepover, and i decided to try and scare them, but I got caught. All the girls were fine with it ending there except one who said that they now have blackmail on me. She said that I now have to wear girl's panties and a bra to school until they decide otherwise, or else they will put the pics up all over the school.

Plus they said I have to come over to one of their house this weekend and get dressed up, again. They wanted me to use this website to ask what I should be dressed up in.

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They also want you to provide links if possible. You are one lucky guy, being introduced to girls clothes.

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I am a 19 year old straight white guy, and I often wear skirts, dresses, and tights as a part of my usual everyday wardrobe. You should definitely wear the girl clothes as often as you can, you might find that you really like them and start wearing them everyday. You should try to wear a denim skirt, striped sweater, leggings and UGG boots.

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This outfit is my favorite thing to wear, by wearing leggings instead of opaque tights, you still get to feel the fur of the Ugg boots, and it is just so comfortable, and cool to wear. You should definitely try it. She said Good for you!

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To be honest I hate all types of underwear but if you like women's panties, I say go for it! My advice.

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Tell them to screw themselves. If they have to joke about you then are not true friends. I would support any of my friends who were into cross-dressing because life is a choice and you are taking advantage of free will, and we all have that. Ok, this is blackmail and it is illegal.

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If you wanted to scare them, just tell them that you have already told your parents about it, and if anything shows up at school, your parents will sue their parents. The joke has gone on long enough. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. April 28, thanh. This Site Might Help You. October 10, thanh.

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