Can you be gay in fallout 4

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Sincethe Fallout series has successfully explored queerness.

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Fallout is a truly pioneering RPG series that has truly deep-dived into exploring the many different portrayals of gender, sexuality and more, successfully depicting queerness through its many characters and storylines. Fallout 2 followed the same format as its predecessor, giving players a choice between playing as a male or female lead. Fallout 3 The third official instalment in the franchise introduced its first lesbian couple, Carole and Greta, in the Underworld.

In terms of romance options for the player character, options are more limited, however a sex worker called Nova can be hired by male and female PCs. It also included male sex workers like Jimmy and Maude for the first time. Your playable character, regardless of gender or sexuality, could recruit workers for the Atomic Wrangler Casino by having sex with them. These included Fisto a sexbot ; Beatrix Russell a cowgirl dominatrix ghoul and Old Ben or Santiago two suave, male sex workers.

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Simply put, you can be gay in Fallout 4. Hell Fallout 2 was one of the first games to have gay marriage in it.

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Not saying every game in the series have good lgbt rep tho. The only game brave enough to give us big-gay-energy perks. I']m sure there's an argument to be made against the framing of queerness in these mechanics but as a young gay I found the idea that I could make a character gay and have that impact positively on gameplay so neat.

My favorite fallout 2 memory is having gay sex with a farmer's son and the farmer walks in and then forces you to get married at a shotgun wedding.

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Very based! But games like fallout 2, have gay relationships and we can explore what family means to us in games. For more gaming news, follow Gaymeo on Twitter and Facebook.

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You can also us with any news or tips on [ protected]. Related topics: Falloutgaming.

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