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Starring Will Ferrell as the overly-macho sex addict, Chazz Michael Michaels, and Jon Heder as his arch enemy, the delicate and spoiled Jimmy MacElroy; the movie asked what would happen if two flashy, well-coifed competitors disrupted the rigid, traditional world of elite figure skating.

From how it got made, what they love about it, how the figure skating world responded, and its legacy, here is the history of Blades Of Gloryin their own words, edited for clarity. Craig Cox: We shared story credit with Busy Philipps who is a friend of ours.

We grew up together in Arizona. Then we told my brother about it, and he thought it was hilarious and started helping us develop it. I remember we went to like a Borders or something and bought a figure skating book that had a bunch of the technical stuff. We would use that as a reference. Craig Cox: We watched the Olympics with our family growing up.

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We were always really into it, so we knew the broad strokes. That book was really helpful. Then honestly we kind of watched The Cutting Edge and took some structural cues from that. We had our day jobs. We were just kind of flying blind. Jeff Cox: I gave the script to a friend who had a manager. Eventually his manager read it, asked what we wanted to do with it, and we wanted to take it to Ben Stiller.

Craig Cox: Yeah, he was able to get it to Ben Stiller who liked it, and [his studio] came on board as producers. It was pretty awesome. Jeff Cox : I think one of our managers called us and told us that he read it and really liked it and wanted to produce it.

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That was the greatest moment. Craig Cox: Those were the key guys we were writing to. The other part that is amazing is that we also envisioned Amy Poehler and Will Arnett as the rival pair, an they ended up being in it. The cast that came together was remarkably close to what we were envisioning when we were writing it. Will Ferrell: The world the movie was having fun with, I was at least a fan of.

I was a fan of watching it, and appreciating it at the same time as mocking it. Will Ferrell: I thought that character was great too. That would have been fun. I do have to say to get to play the not-innocent guy who is overly macho and has been so cocksure all the time was really fun.

And yet no less than a thoroughbred. They actually had to learn how to do this stuff. Jon Heder broke his ankle early on in the training. Maybe Will Ferrell did?

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Will Ferrell: No, not at all, other than a birthday party in third grade that someone would have had at the Ice Capades rink. We then started with the prep and we were working with a skating coach.

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Over the course of all that time, I was skating three times Blades of glory sex addict week just getting proficient enough to just get on and off the ice and be able to come to some sort of stop that looked like an ice skater. Craig Cox : Our vision of Jimmy was that he basically has known nothing but skating his entire life, really has no idea how to interact with people, has had no social life.

Jeff Cox: Johnny Weirat least in terms of his style, became sort of an inspiration for Jimmy. Craig Cox : Chazz was the most unrealistic figure skater, but I did have images in my mind of [three-time world champion skater] Elvis Stojko. I remember as a kid thinking he was a bad-ass, and he could do those back flips. He just seemed like kind of a bad boy with the long hair and everything, so I had him in mind when we were working on Chazz.

Originally he was just a Lothario, just constantly on the prowl, but that just sort of crystallized it. Craig Cox: I think it probably came out of Blades of glory sex addict to create an extreme. Craig Cox: [As far as their distinct styles,] we had no vision for the hair at all, honestly. That just kind of came out in production meetings with the directors, and whoever was doing hair and makeup. Will Ferrell: For the hair, we all came up with that look together. The one thing I remember specifically coming up with was his special hairbrush that was made of whale bone. He just had weird objects like that.

It was an embarrassment of riches with the costume choices because Julie was on top of it from the get go. Craig Cox: There were a lot of discussions about how much the costumes should suggest an animal versus being an outright Halloween costume. We were always going back and forth on how absurd to be with that. Jeff Cox: For us it was always more about the attitude, and we were pretty descriptive in the movement and the vibe of the skaters.

We were pretty specific about their bodies too. Will Ferrell: The studio gave me one [costume] as a gift framed with the gold medal. Unfortunately my wife does not allow me to hang it in the house. He made it much funnier. Craig Cox: In our original script the second act ended with the two of them being kidnapped by an assassin and taken to this cabin on this mountaintop to get them away from the games.

They manage to wriggle out of the ropes and escape down this mountain. Jeff Cox: It was funny how we never thought about the logic. Craig Cox: What came out of those rewrites was good in terms of an actual foot chase on ice skates, and getting caught on the escalator.

Will Ferrell: The slow-motion chase that Will Arnett and I had on skates throughout that whole thing was a genius set piece. We were making it look hard, but it was kind of crazy. Are you the guy from The Twilight Zone? Are you Rod Serling? Jeff Cox: One of the biggest changes from our original script was that the rival figure skating pair had no dialogue.

They never spoke, and they had a coach who was their mother. That was an insane character who we were envisioning as like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. She was this figure skater back in the day, and now she was this stage mom who was just making her kids do this thing together. Will Ferrell: I like the smaller moments. Those contextual things make me laugh more than anything. Craig Cox: When we saw that first routine when they skate together for the first time in front of a crowd, we were both so excited about that.

There needed to be a song, but that was definitely a game-time thing. Then Kanye West ends up sampling that into his song. It just seemed like a good song to do on the treadmill at that time. Craig Cox: No figure skating fan has ever got on us about anything, honestly.

Will Ferrell: Not one complaint. I think the world of figure skating was more than happy to have anyone pay attention to them. It would have been amazing to get Elvis Stojko because he was somebody that was on our minds, but I was pretty happy with who they got for the movie, and it was cool meeting all those people. So that really came out of the moment. Will Ferrell: The thing that I loved that made the movie, which was a big debate at the end, was the fact that we end the movie, and we just fly out into the sky—that surreal ending.

They put Jon and I on these wires and flew us to the roof of the sports arena. Should we not? Films Sports. Craig Cox: The dream come true. Tags amy poehlerben stillerblades of gloryfigure skatingJon Hederwill arnettWill Ferrell. Yuri on Ice at the Winter Olympics. Instagram did not return a Follow Us. Reply Retweet Favorite. Follow Us On Twitter.

Blades of glory sex addict

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