Black face fallout 4

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File information Last updated 10 February PM. Original 09 February AM. ed by HizFather. Virus scan Safe to use. Tags for this mod. Author notes This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions. File credits This author has not credited anyone else in this file. Donation Points system This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Version 1. Removed unnecessary files.

Added fix for child Shaun and other children. Added more speculars for more cases of black faces. Check the stickied comment in the comment section if you still have the bug after installing this mod. Thank you to everyone who downloaded and endorsed this mod, that one button click really does make a difference for modders.

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Wow, I never expected this mod to grow so big. Thanks everyone who downloaded and endorsed the mod. I'm glad so many people were able to fix their issues with this mod. Down-scaled versions of a few face textures that are added by the DLC that aren't compatible with modded face textures.

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It is a fix for black or brown featureless faces on your character or other NPCs. If you are having this issue and this mod does not fix the issue then your issue lies elsewhere. Fallout 4 - High Resolution Texture Pack. Charlotte -Simple Companion. Charlotte -Simple Companion- Es. Charlotte -Simple Companion- Fr. Charlotte -Simple Companion- It. Charlotte -Simple Companion- Pt. Freja Birkin LooksMenu Preset. Not strictly necessary, but you'll likely need this anyway.

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Fix Fallout 4 face bugs [brown, black, dark] fast and easy