Big time rush gay fanfiction

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Originally posted by applelop. It was the middle of their green week project and Kendall was so over the way Jett was acting, unable to get him to do any work.

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As Jett walks into the room Kendall holds back laughter from the two blue polos Jett is wearing, and that they both have the collar popped up. Just as Jett walks into the living room, and Kendall is finally ready to get the project done, Jett sees himself in the mirror on the wall and walks over to it. Kendall waves his hand in front of the mirror, but Jett is still not phased one bit. Kendall then grabs the textbook and throws it hard at the ground in front of Jett, his eyes not even flinching. As Kendall bends to the ground to grab the book, he sees that Jett has a huge boner just from looking at himself.

Just then Kendall thinks of the most brilliant idea to make Jett move his butt. He looks up to see Jett still smiling at himself and popping his collars. Would it look weird?

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I look great in everything! Kendal grabs the boxers and pulls them down. Kendall is immediately astonished at the enormous erect penis popping out. Kendall then takes a deep breath before taking the penis into his mouth.

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Kendall coughs at first as the penis touches the back of his throat, but then it begins to feel surprisingly pleasant. He bobs his head back and forth while also sliding his tongue around the shaft.

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The longer he continues this, the more Kendall realizes that he actually likes the taste and feeling. He notices that his own penis is becoming hard just while doing this. Just a minute into this and Jett quickly begins to shoot out cum. He chugs down the cum like the Slurpee contests he has with the boys.

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Just as he finishes, Kendall realizes what is going on. Once done Kendall sneaks away and back onto the couch. Apr 24,

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