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He portrayed a national security advisor who supported the formation of Task Force X in "Suicide Squad. In "Black Widow," Harbour starred as the Soviet Union's first super-soldierwho was convinced that he could have been more famous than Captain America. If you don't recognize Dastmalchian's name, you'll definitely recognize him from his work as one of the Joker's goons in "The Dark Knight" to his turn as Kurt in Marvel's "Ant-Man" franchise. Dastmalchian is playing double duty this summer with DC as he also voiced another obscure Batman villain, Calendar Man, in the animated feature, "Batman: The Long Halloween.

You can of our conversation with Dastmalchian here. Simmons played J. To the surprise of fans, he reprised his role as Jameson in "Spider-Man: Far From Home" and is expected to be in the next film. Jameson isn't leaving DC either. Affleck famously played lawyer Matt Murdock in 's "Daredevil," where he starred alongside Jennifer Garner.

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Over a decade later, Affleck starred as a new version of Batman in 's "Batman v Superman" and 's "Justice League. He appeared as the Dark Knight again in "Zack Snyder's Justice League" and will reportedly reprise the role of Batman at least once more in the upcoming "Flash" movie.

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Annette Bening was set to star as the famous Batman villain before dropping out after becoming pregnant. Marsden told Vanity Fair that he didn't know much about his X-Men character until he asked his comic-book-obsessed friends to give him the rundown prior to his audition.

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He landed the role after several auditions and appeared in four "X-Men" movies. He's been playing Eddie Brock and the anti-hero Venom in Sony's movies since Hardy is reprising his role in a sequel this fall. He'll put on the cape and cowl again for DC in "The Flash" movie.

Elba was the man in charge of the rainbow bridge guarding entry to Asgard in the "Thor" movies, "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Endgame. As a bonus, Elba was also in two other Marvel and DC movies. Waititi and Reynolds have both joked about not remembering their work in the movie. The actor played a much less menacing character in 's "Aquaman," as he taught the titular character how to swim and fight. Dafoe also told CinemaBlend that his experience working on the DC film in comparison to "Spider-Man" was "very different.

I like to mix it up because that way you don't get stuck. Fans will recall that at one point, Manganiello's character was supposed to play the antagonist in a standalone "Batman" film starring and directed by Affleck, which didn't come to fruition.

There were also talks of a movie centered on Deathstroke's origin story, but that was scrapped too. After playing the titular bounty hunter in 's "Jonah Hex," Brolin took on roles as villains in Marvel movies. She starred as an extremely lucky character named Domino in "Deadpool 2" and portrayed an acquaintance of Arthur Fleck named Sophie Dumond Batman vs deadpool cast "Joker. Beetz spoke about the differences between the two projects during an interview with The Hollywood Reportercalling them "inherently completely different in terms of production and how everything came together.

There's a lot of adult comics; there's also very neutral comics. In "Eternals," he'll play an immortal named Phastoswho's fast and can fly. Back inBassett reflected on her role in "Green Lantern" and told IGN that she "enjoyed" working on the film despite the poor reception. I know we put a lot of work in and I thought it was well done. What you may not have realized is that in between the two films, Pine voiced Peter Parker in the Oscar-winning animated feature "Into the Spider-Verse. Pine told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest when he first saw the visuals for the movie he had "never seen anything like it before.

The same year that the "Ant-Man" sequel was released, Park popped up in "Aquaman" as a marine biologist. When asked by Insider's Jason Guerrasio if he'll return for the upcoming "Aquaman" sequelPark coyly said: "I don't know if I can talk about that. Years prior to playing the Ancient One, the Scottish actress portrayed an androgynous half-breed angel named Gabriel in "Constantine. The role was recast for the "Thor" sequels due to Dallas' scheduling conflicts, which led to Levi ing the franchise. Fandral was killed off quickly by Cate Blanchett's Hela in "Thor: Ragnarok," and Levi has since spoken about feeling underused in the movies.

They just didn't," he told Screen Rant. Levi has far more screentime in the DCEU thanks to his part as Shazam, and will return as the character for a sequel called "Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Jared Leto is going to play the dying biochemist, Dr.

Michael Morbius, who transforms into a vampire in order to survive in Sony's "Morbius. ly, Leto famously played a very different incarnation of the Joker in 's "Suicide Squad. In "The Suicide Squad," you may not catch that Gunn is playing dual roles again. This time around he plays a giant, goofy, child-killing weasel named Weasel and a mean, tattooed Calendar Man who taunts Polka-Dot Man. Rooker plays the Ravager with a soft spot, Yondu, who became a fan-favorite after "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Stallone is one of the many surprise appearances in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

Gunn told CinemaBlend that he asked Stallone to voice King Shark in "The Suicide Squad" after writing the role for him and hiring three other people who just weren't working in the role. Gunn included Klementieff in his DC-directed movie as a dancer who appears briefly in a bar. He told Variety he was surprised press didn't ask about it. Inhe portrayed a dark elf named Algrim, who sacrificed his body to become Kursed.

Akinnuoye-Agbaje told Collider that his transformation into Algrim took about two and a half to three hours, while the Kurse disguise took about an hour and a half. Batman vs deadpool cast globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.

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Kirsten Acuna and Olivia Singh. It's only a matter of time until actors appear in a Marvel or DC film. Now, it's increasingly more likely for actors to hop from one studio to the next and sometimes back. From Michael Keaton to Idris Elbahere are actors who have appeared in both universes. Visit Insider's home for more stories. Simmons was known for years as the man asking Peter Parker for photos of Spider-Man. Jonah Jameson. Halle Berry made Storm an iconic X-Men character before trying her hand at a different version of Catwoman in a solo movie.

Michael Keaton plays Vulture in the Spider-Man franchise now, but first, he played one of the greatest incarnations of Batman. Before Ryan Reynolds played the delightful miscreant Deadpool, he starred as Green Lantern in one of the worst comic-book adaptations. Willem Dafoe played one of the most iconic Spider-Man villains before being a mentor to Aquaman. Josh Brolin has run the gamut. Stephen Shin in "Aquaman. Loading Something is loading.

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Batman vs deadpool cast

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