Baby mario and papa yoshi

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It's a-me!

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I just found this baby wrapped up outside my door Hey! A tasty little snack for any dinosaur But I just finished breakfast, I'm full up to my head So I'll give him to Yellow instead Ya know, he's sorta cute, the sweet little niblet He'll make a tasty stew Don't wanna cook and serve up a kid, but hey, that's what Yoshis do He's all alone without a friend, but he's takin' it on the chin, Anyway, hey Yellow, I brought you some din-din! You brought me a baby?

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How generous of you! But I can't eat a bite, I've caught the Yoshi flu, a-choo! Just pop him in your freezer, I'm sure he'll keep for weeks But wash him first, 'cause he freakin' reeks!

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I'm almost sad to see the kid go now, We've gotten sorta tight Also, his diaper's saggin' and whoa, now So is my appetite Maybe I'll keep him here as a pet and not eat him after all Come on, my little baby, let's have us a ball! Take it home, baby!

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By now you know the story that happened long ago That little baby boy grew into Mario! The moral of this fable is do not eat a baby, 'Cause he'll become your friend one day maybe Then again, Mario's twin brother was Luigi, so, hmm, maybe not Goodbye!

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Baby Mario And Papa Yoshi