Aunt seduces nephew stories

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for Free! Score 4. It began when I was at a family get together on a hot summer day. I was sitting in the sun, day-dreaming out front of the house, when a taxi pulled in and my aunt stepped out. All I saw was her thick thighs and massive breasts hanging out of her shirt.

She had on cut-off denim shorts and a t-shirt. I gazed before she broke my attention by asking me to help with her luggage.

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I walked over and grabbed her bags and said, "Long time no see, huh? She is 47, very thick thighs, a bubble butt, massive tits and blonde hair which makes her eyes really blue. I got her bags to her room and she sat on the bed and took a breather. She said, "It's fucking hot out there! She asked me if I wanted to go swimming. I agreed and she stripped down to her bare ass and ruffled through her bags looking for her bikini.

I tried not to look at how perfectly thick her body was. But, my dick was thinking for me and I watched her bend over and grab her bikini bottoms. She turned and saw me gazing at her shaved pussy. She was always open sexually so she said, "Do I still have it? She smiled, sat on the bed and spread her legs and started putting lotion on her legs working it into her inner thighs, making them glisten.

She said, "Are you okay? She laughed and said, "Don't leave. It's fine hun, you're a man.

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She insisted that I look. I asked, "Why is that? I was stunned because she is the ideal woman for me. I said, "Well you're so beautiful and sexy, I could stare at you naked all week. So, she laid on her belly and I squeezed the lotion on her, rubbing it all over her back, sneaking a rub on her upper ass and the sides of her breasts.

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She said, "Mmm I pulled my shirt off as she leaned down and pulled my shorts to my ankles. My semi-erect dick made her jaw drop. She said, "Oh my, you're the biggest I have seen in 47 years! She looked me in my eyes and said, "Auntie wants to suck that big, young cock. I sat on the bed and let her grasp my cock and stroke it a few times before wrapping her lips around it.

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Her warm,wet mouth felt amazing as she stroked and sucked my cock. She kept her eyes up looking at me. I said, "Oh baby, suck that dick. I grew erect and she began to struggle with fitting my cock in her mouth. She stopped and looked at me while stroking my cock then said, "Are you ready to open my little pussy up? She didn't say a word she just got on the bed and stood on all fours. She looked back at me and said, "What are you waiting for? We haven't got all day!

She grabbed my swollen member and rubbed it on her hot juicy pussy lips until they spread. I slowly pressed inside of her, making her back arch and her hands claw the sheets. I pushed forward and pulled her thighs into me until I felt my cock pop inside of her. I went slowly until I felt her cervix. Then I pulled out some and repeated this until she could bare the pain of my strokes.

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She turned her head and said, "You feel amazing, baby. I became really aroused and began to slam her like a piece of meat. I relentlessly slammed her cervix and leaned up to squeeze her tits as she was in shock from the pleasure and pain. I slowed down after a minute or so and told her to lay on her back.

She said, "Anything baby, just please be gentle. Her pussy gaped, still stretched so it was a little easier getting inside of her. She rubbed her clit as I gave long, smooth, deep strokes. She moaned and groaned as she stared at my huge shaft going in and out of her. I stared at her tits jiggling as I reamed her. She looked at me and said, "Baby,you're so fucking big! Fuck me like an animal!

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She screamed, "You're in my stomach! She just said, "Keep going harder, deeper! After I finished pumping every last bit inside of her she laid next to me and licked my cum from her fingers as it seeped out of her.

We then went swimming. Incest Fantasy aunt nephew.

Aunt seduces nephew stories

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