Antichrist clitorectomy scene

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in. A Film Theory essay for my first post on the marvellous Medium may not make for the best beginning.

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I usually write film essays or comment only if they are University related. Von Trier is a favourite. It could be described as a horror film but whereas most films obtain horror through frights and scares this film achieves it through a deep psychological manipulation that stays with you for days afterwards.

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Some consider Von Trier the master of Antichrist clitorectomy scene Art Cinema windup, and should not be taken too seriously. Others think this is the sickest film ever made. My own feeling is that Von Trier is trying something tough, to dramatize the rawest of human emotions; terror and grief. Antichrist is told in four chapters, as well as a prologue and an epilogue. The prologue of this film is shot in black and white, slow motion to operatic music by Handel.

It shows two parents, played by Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg having sex while their son accidentally throws himself from an open window on the seventh floor. This scene is quite harrowing but it is shot by Anthony Dod Mantle, in a way that makes it dignified at the same time, a kind of haunting glamour akin to that of a modern cosmetics advertisement. In this early scene Dafoe tries to make his wife face her worst fear and eventually become one with it.

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Her fear is that of the forest and the nature that surrounds it, and here we see her mentally envisioning herself with merged with the greenery and nature and become absorbed by it. Throughout the film there are several graphic depictions of nature, such as the self disemboweling fox, the mis-carrying female deer, and a newly hatched bird being consumed by various forest animals.

We are made to believe that this is a true depiction of the savagery of nature and the repercussions of the female character having merged with nature. She becomes depraved and insane, much like what nature is portrayed as in this film.

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There are a of images used to convey the terror that can be found in nature; most notably the self disemboweling fox. He has been using smug, self satisfying logic to treat her, whereas the human mind is not naturally logical 3- it is chaotic and anarchic. Contrasts are introduced once more, when the peaceful forest contains several horrific depictions of nature, as mentioned earlier. This film has suffered a lot of criticism by people who accuse it of being gratuitous. Some critics even go as far as to say that they were insulted by this film.

Von Trier responded well to the criticism and affliction Antichrist clitorectomy scene received about the horrific nature of some of the scenes — namely the genital mutilation scene. In a telephone interview with Xan Brooks, Von Trier responds masterfully. In the sense that you are inviting people [into your sick mind], and they are the guests.

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Whilst of course I have found these scenes difficult to watch, they were necessary in the context of the film. Had this film been more mainstream, I believe it would have been the culmination, but not necessarily the cessation of this trend in films. He did say in an interview that, only for his depression, he would have been operating the camera and would have gave the film a more documentary feel with the camera movement than what was in Antichrist.

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Most have a visceral reaction and then try to categorize it, but I think this film has something that cannot be categorized fully. Once hitting the ground it was engulfed in feasting ants. All portraying the sometimes viciousness of nature. However, in the same scene there are connotations that the body is nourished by the earth — the berries. This portrays a kind of a rebirth.

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Antichrist clitorectomy scene

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