Anime guy smoking weed

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Never really thought about this before, but obviously anime deals with a lot of "adult" subjects. You would think a genre that makes light of so many sexual taboos would be allowed to show someone smoking a doobie every now and then. I assume it has something to do with the fact that this is a very big no no in Japanese culture? Off the top of my head the only drug references I can think of the mushroom episode in cowboy bebop and the Anime guy smoking weed grass" from samurai champloo which kinda le me to believe no one in japan even knows what weed does.

And on that note, Yui Hirasawa: guitarist, airheaded, loves cake. Black lagoon, these a pot smoking Irish man. Plus other drug use. I totally recommend Black Lagoon, just be warned that its contents are really mature human trafficking, drug smuggling, etc. Well, if you've watched war news reports,perhaps you could tolerate it.

The drug laws in Japan are absurd, and the cost is quite high. But no one trusts the police. Is he really? I'm about halfway through the series and I never picked up on that. I thought he was just delusional. Or is it supposed to be implied from the manga or the novel?

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It's about two guys who work at a head shop. I remember seeing drug references in anime before, but they are so subtle I can't recall them now.

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They don't work in a head shop, it's a pharmacy. The manga does have a lot of leaf symbols in the artworkand it's slightly implied the pharmacy gives medical marijuana the pharmacy is called "the Green Drugstore"but nothing in the book ever outright says anything about weed and you never see weed in it. The manga is made for chicks all males, hinted gay relationshipsand it's about magic and going on supernatural adventures.

It's been on hold since book 3, and knowing Clamp, it will never get finished.

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Cowboy bebop first episode is about drugs, you already mention the mushroom episode, black lagoon has some drug sindicates and stuff. I'm pretty sure there are more examples just can't come up with more right now. An anime called Shoubushi Densetsu Tetsuya Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is about Mahjong gambling and it has an entire arc where one of the guys is a heroin addict and because of this can see the fingerprints on the back of tiles and memorize them, but only when he's high.

The gang of Akira makes use of drugs in capsules Kaneda has the school nurse steal pharma for him. There probably aren't many because drug use is so uncommon in Japan. Not marijuana, but I can think of two series that deal with drugs, and only two. Banana Fish is actually about an experimental drug that crime lords find themselves fighting over.

It is set in America. There are flashbacks to him popping pills and drugs are mentioned a few times. I've never seen a manga or anime in which drugs are used in a non abusive setting though. I think it's interesting how there is close to no marijuana culture in Japan. It's pretty heavily embedded in North American culture, cheech and chong, half baked, harold and kumar, that 70s show, shit lo of music, such as hip hop to name one genre.

I'm sure I'm missing a lot more examples and references. I think a lot of Asian cultures have a gross misunderstanding of marijuana, grouping it in with what some consider to be "hard drugs". Every once in a while you'll see a reference but its usually something like a character accidentally eats a shroom and the studio gets to make a really weird episode. Weed is really expensive in Japan. So no wonder few people do it. Found the internet! Curious - is there any anime that mentions marijuana or other drugs at all?

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Anime guy smoking weed

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