Angela devi died

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There's no doubt that while the adult entertainment industry is one of the most profitable markets in the world, it can take a toll on its stars. Of course, the adult entertainment industry isn't usually solely responsible for the suffering surrounding one of their actors in the midst of turmoil, but the media is quick to blame the industry should there ever be a tragic death or suicide.

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Recently, as the adult entertainment industry expands and diversifies, it seems more and more adult performers really could be your next door neighbor or the classmate sitting next to you. In a particularly high-profile example of the changing tide, it was recently revealed that a student of the prestigious Duke University in the U. Unfortunately for student Alyssa Funke, who found herself in a similar situation, the bullying became too much for her to handle and she took her own life. Knox has, however, been admirably weathering the storm of criticism she's received.

But these cases highlight, perhaps, that the ease of entering the adult entertainment industry has caused many young people to overlook the potentially tragic fallout. Along with great successes in any industry, there is sure to be tragedy, and the adult entertainment business is more volatile and pressured than many. Below, we've recounted ten tales of adult entertainers who have met tragic endings to not only their careers, but also their lives.

Despite what your thoughts are on the adult entertainment industry and their actors, there's no question that any premature death is a tragic one. The question we all must ask is, what is the cause? Can all these deaths Angela devi died attributed to the influence of the adult entertainment industry on performers' lives, or does it merely take a backseat as other circumstances contribute to the tragic way in which these actors' lives ended?

Claudia Fielers was a well-known and popular adult entertainer working in films in Germany, who committed suicide at the tragically young age of Fielers went into the industry to help pay for medical school as well as to support her child as a single mother. She performed in several movies, and during the filming of her last film, she had an argument with the director. Instead of trying to honor her in that film, the director replaced her. After graduating high school, Grant moved to Los Angeles with her boyfriend, where she started nude modeling to pay the bills.

She eventually transitioned to film, and her career boomed. At the time, she was battling a cocaine addiction. After retiring from the industry, she was dealing with turmoil in her personal life with a new boyfriend having been imprisoned for shady business practices, all of which probably contributed to Grant's tragic choice to end her life.

Inadult entertainment star Megan Leigh was found dead in her home in Solano, CA from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Her career started at the age of 18 when she became a stripper in San Francisco, CA. While her bosses didn't think she was much, she became one Angela devi died the most popular strippers making over a grand in tips per week.

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She eventually segued into film and photography when she became an overnight sensation. Around the late eighties, she began to abuse drugs, however, which is the decisive factor that's believed to have led to Leigh's suicide. So how does someone with such stellar Hollywood connections end up in the adult entertainment industry? It's hard to say, but it seems the pressure of establishing a legitimate career in Hollywood along with apparent Christian guilt were just some of the things tormenting this young adult performer, to the point that she took her own life inat age Savannah, also known as Sharon Wilsey, was a well known adult entertainer, most famous for relations with Slash, Billy Joeland Angela devi died Rose.

She was also known for using cocaine, and for having an alcohol problem. On the night of July 11 th, after crashing her Corvette, breaking her nose, and while in the process of dealing with overwhelming debt to the IRS, Savannah shot herself. Alex Jordan entered the adult entertainment industry inbecoming a well known star quickly. Inat the age of 31, Jordan was found hanging in her closet from what was initially perceived as suicide. However, adult entertainment mogul Ron Jeremy later stated that it may have been possible that Jordan was in the process of autoerotic asphyxiation at the time of her death.

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Whatever the circumstances, Jordan had a bright future ahead of her, and it was cut tragically short. Some say it was a suicide, while others cry murder. Witnesses also testified that Childs might have been under the influence of acid and LSD at the time of her death. Police confirmed that she landed feet first from a fall that started from the 4 th floor of her apartment complex.

Childs starred in over forty adult entertainment features and was considered to be the next starlet in the industry before her life was cut short under these mysterious circumstances. American adult actress Angela Devi, a New Yorker from a Punjabi family, was a successful adult entertainment model who ran her own website. Initially, her disappearance from the world wide web start rumors and speculation amongst her website followers, who were uncertain about her fate. It later emerged that the 30 year old had been found dead in her home in Scottsdale, AZ from asphyxiation with a piece of cloth wrapped around her neck and a chair toppled over along with empty Xanax packages.

Before Clarissa was a part of the adult entertainment Angela devi died, she was an actress and a model working in Las Vegas.

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Beforeher work involved non-nude modeling and she was also a Budweiser Girl. Doll found much success in the adult entertainment industry but inat 26, she was found dead in her home. At the time the details involving her death were unclear, but it was later determined that she had taken her own life.

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This is a tragic tale and an unfortunate reflection of adult entertainment in the social media age. In Aprilwhen the video became general public knowledge, the straight-A student at the University of Wisconsin was taunted and bullied to the point that she committed suicide.

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The taunters? Largely Funke's former fellow high school students from her hometown. At the time of writing, police have no plans to press charges against the people who harassed Funke. Alex is a San Diego native and holds her Master of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and currently works full-time as a freelance writer and teacher as well as being a published author. She currently resides in Raleigh, NC and you can follow her on Twitter at alexmatsuo and like her Facebook at www.

Her website is www. By Alex Matsuo Published Jun 25, Share Share Tweet Comment. Related Topics Entertainment.

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Alex Matsuo Articles Published Alex is a San Diego native and holds her Master of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and currently works full-time as a freelance writer and teacher as well as being a published author.

Angela devi died

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